Needle felting is the act of interlocking fibers by stabbing them repeatedly with a barbed needle.  The barbs catch on the fibers and cause them to tangle and bind to each other or onto a canvas.  Creating one of my "wool paintings" can take hours of work and literally thousands of stabs from start to finish – sometimes gently poking with a single fragile needle and other times pounding the canvas with scary, medieval looking tools. My obsession with needle-felting started when I began to wonder how old Japanese woodcuts might look made of yarn and fabric, because I thought the colorful kimonos and cartoon-like faces might be fun to re-design.  As a self-taught artist, I'd grown up making intricately appliqued coats and tapestries on my simple sewing machine and have always had a passion for the textile arts.  As I began gathering supplies for my new project, I discovered a tiny shelf in the fabric store labeled “needle-felting".  Intrigued, I purchased a bundle of colored wool, a few needles, and headed home intending to incorporate them somehow.  That was years ago.  And now I'm addicted.  What you see before you is a sample of what can be done with some needles, some wool, and an unending fascination.


To view available pieces contact me or visit:

    Riversea Gallery - Astoria, Oregon

Guardino gallery - Portland, Oregon

Mobilia Gallery _ Cambridge , Massachusetts


In addition, my "Extra-terrestrial Way of Tea" teapot is part of the collection at the Kamm Teapot Foundation.


             Magazines articles:

  • Art Doll Quarterly February 2012 Issue
  • Fiber Art Now Magazine Spring 2013 Issue
  • Felt Magazine December 2013 Issue
  • Fiber Art Now Magazine Summer 2014 Issue



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